מזדיינים בסבלנות

people whom are sitting waiting for the moment of the their life to happen

1: 2006, height 29.7cm x width 21cm
2: 2007-9, height 70cm x width 50cm
3: 2007-9, height 150cm x width 150cm
4: 2009, height 100cm x width 70cm
5: 2009, height 42cm x width 29.7cm
6: 2009, height 42cm x width 29.7cm
7: 2009, height 42cm x width 29.7cm

all paintings are acrylic on canvas

taken from the exhibiton Dan Allon
at gallery,
november 2009, tel aviv

Dan Allon is an israeli comic artist. He did graduate at Shenkar college of art and design in Tel Aviv, focuses mainly on the creation of graphic novels, painting and prose writing. He's working on a new novel, a new graphic novel, a rock symphony (with him laying down the drums and writing the lyrics) and a series of paintings. Sometimes he sleeps, sometimes he teaches visual communication and sometimes he cooks.