If soccer games are shown in feature films
they almost always end on the score 2:1 in favor of whoever ୀthe good guysୁ are. Examples include Bend it like Beckham and Guys and Balls. ୀThe bad guysୁ, or simply the team that have not been given sufficient character definition to induce sympathy, always win the first goal before the game inevitably changes course. (The world championship's 1954 grand final had a similar run, which is one of the reasons for bringing it, as the Hollywood-style German production The Miracle of Bern, to cinemas)

In our opinion, in terms of film, 1:1 would be the better result. Though the American concept of always guiding the audience to a firm conclusion has its charm, we are fans of the European standoff (the indecision). So we really don't understand why in European Ice Hockey leagues they don't allow a tie where extra time is involved. As a homage to the Standoff, to something that postpones the conclusion, at least up until the end of the season, here are some undecided games:

Eredivisie (Netherlands, football): 22.9.007 Sparta Rotterdam - Herakles Almelo 1:1

Extraliga (Slovakia, Icehockey): 16.9.007 HK VSR SR 20 - HK ARDO Nitra 1:1

Jan 29th, 2006 Extraliga ledního hokeje 45 HC Hamé Zlín : HC České Budĕjovice 1:1

March 16th, 2006 Irish Football League Waterford : Bray 1:1

March, 11th, 2006 Cyprian Football League Paralimni : Nea Salamina 2:2 K Ilia (50), G Jure (71) ; M Louca (18) T`uchar (29)