A blog about tactile movies

by Anne Tetzlaff (London), Sven Eggers (Berlin) and Miha Erman (Ljubljana)

we are so very disorganized, but at least here is the start of the


haptics /tactile

I have that texts of Walter Benjamin, will put them here soon.

starting points.

as far as i was thinking about Haptic/tactile experience in Film it goes like this:
i found myself always taking spectators point of view.. hmm.. naturally..
firstly we can make to main distinguishing lines - one is a literal presentation (Irreversible, delikatessen, some contemporary 3D's...) and on the other hand we can talk about haptic experience that is a result of a mass of experiencing the film material. the second one can come out of a completely abstract and bodiless visual, textual or sound material. here we could also talk of spectator's body as an object and subject involved. A perfect example here: Twentynine Palms of dumont. there is also a lot of french (and other) directors, dealing with it - Claire Denise (specially in L'Intrus), Van sant (Elephant), Chabrol (Wounded man...), kubrick's shining... and sure, there's a lot more. some are more, some less intensive or however aiming the topic anyways.

ok, there's much more to write and maybe i could be more precise, but for now it's ok.. have to do some other stuff. i hope it will become my, and ours, moreorless daily praxis .. this writing..
sorry for my mistakes and awkward english... i usually dont use capitals and '.

anne, nice to meet you.. kindof

hmm.. Touching seems straight and opened enough, so might work.

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 10:20 AM,
sveneggers@wrote: >
> you are right! touching, maybe that's the word for our haptic journey?
> Miha Erman schrieb am 22.01.2009 03:47:
> > once more for today...i ve just seen last fincher film.. ashamely on my > computer(mea culpa...) and have to say one thing - poster for the film is > incredibly good in terms of what i was writing before. good night.

If you have any start for it, introduction text, questions, desires,
hints, books, quotes, please let me know: title of the blog is also needed.